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Whether your cabinet has 3/8” or ¾” side panels with ¼” or 5mm holes, we have the right shelf support for your application. Choose from standard or locking designs, various dowel lengths, colors, and materials. We also offer Shelf Supports for Special Mullion Door Applications. Only polymers that have been thoroughly tested for hot and cold environments are being used. Please contact Tenn-Tex Plastics for The Simple Solution for your Shelf Support needs.


Inverted Shelf Support Test

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T-604 Shear Test

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T-803 Shear Test

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T-820 Shear Test

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Recommended Cut Sizes for Shelves

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Shelf Supports Catalog Section

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Parts Index

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Q: How do I determine the cut size (width) of my shelves?

A: Go to Shelf Supports Catalog for a PDF showing the correct cut size for each support. *ADD PDF*

Q: I currently have a wide base cabinet with a sagging shelf that needs to be supported. What do you offer?

A: Use either of our shelf supports B-120 and B-121 or our T-662.

Q: We build institutional cabinetry. Which locking shelf support do you recommend?

A: We recommend the new T-803 heavy-duty shelf support. It features twin 5 mm dowel pins and lets you fasten the shelf support to the side panel and the shelf to the support, if needed. It is made from clear, super-strong polycarbonate and each shelf support provides for 300 lbs of shear strength. It is available in bulk or in bags of 100.


Tenn-Tex Shelf Supports

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