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Ball bearing bracket

Ball Bearing Brackets

If your standard slide choice is a Ball Bearing Drawer Slide or if you have a Specialty Application that will require a Heavy-Duty Slide Application, we offer Ball Bearing Brackets that will fit your same bore pattern for Undermount and V-Notch Slide Applications. We have several metal brackets that will fit multiple manufacturers drawer slides. Please call our knowledgeable sales staff to review your application.

Peninsula Bracket

Peninsula Brackets

Peninsula Cabinets require a Face-Frame to be built on the front and back of the cabinet. This cabinet demands special drawer slide brackets for mounting drawer slides. The most common application is an Island Cabinet. Tenn-Tex has developed a variety of Peninsula Brackets to work with Undermount Drawer Slides and specialty V-Notch Side Mount Slides. Our Peninsula Brackets offers you the same side to side adjustment features as our overlay brackets. Tenn-Tex offers you The Simple Solutions for your Peninsula Bracket Applications.

Roller Undermount Brackets

Roller Undermount Brackets

The most popular Roller Undermount Drawer Slides have been discontinued by the drawer slide manufacturers in the United States. They have been replaced with updated undermount technology. Tenn-Tex Plastics will continue to offer the Roller Undermount Brackets for our customers that continue to purchase these slides from outside sources.

Sidemount bracket

Sidemount Brackets

European Style Epoxy coated slides arrived in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and the need for specialized brackets for Face-Frame cabinets was created. Tenn-Tex Plastics started manufacturing many assorted styles for a variety of slide manufacturers. Quicker installation and the ability to use the same bracket in various cabinet depths were among the biggest advantages. We manufacture one piece and two-piece adjustable brackets. Tenn-Tex Plastics offers you The Simple Solutions for your Sidemount Bracket Applications.

Peninsula Bracket

Undermount Brackets

Drawer Slide Manufacturers have met the higher expectations from their customers with Concealed or Undermount Drawer Slides. Tenn-Tex Plastics has developed screw-on or plug-in rear brackets that use the same back drilling patterns as V-Notch Side Mount Slides, ensuring an easy transition from one slide system to the next. Take advantage of a quick and easy installation for the slide of your choice. Tenn-Tex Plastics offers you The Simple Solutions for your Undermount Bracket Applications.

V-Notch Brackets

V-Notch Brackets

In the mid 1980’s Grass America developed Double Captive Slides with Integrated V-Notch for the Kitchen Cabinet Industry. Tenn-Tex Plastics worked jointly with Grass America to develop the V-Notch Plug-In Technology. This system offered the Cabinet manufacturers a quick two-step cabinet member installation process which eliminated the need for hanging rails and thereby reducing labor time and cost. V-Notch Brackets offers you The Simple Solutions for Cabinet Drawer Installation.

Inset Bracket

Kitchen Buyers are now demanding more from their new kitchen investments. They are looking for smoother drawer systems, more storage space and a high-end furniture appeal with inset drawers and doors. Tenn-Tex Plastics has developed our Inset Bracket program that will allow you to meet your customers’ demands. This revolutionary bracket system provides drawer front adjustments for a perfect alignment, regardless of the drawer front thickness or profile. Our Inset Brackets will eliminate the need to put wood blocks behind the face-frame. At Tenn-Tex Plastics, we offer you Innovative Technology for Inset Cabinet Applications.

Corner brace

Corner Braces

Corner Braces are offered in multiple Tab Styles. Our most popular style is with the Horizontal Tab. We also offer the Vertical tab for a larger staple area and a Corner Brace without Tabs. The Corner Braces without tabs can be used on Toe-Kick Applications that will help provide extra support for this area of your cabinet.

Corner protectors

Corner Protectors

Protecting the corners of you Kitchen Cabinets is a high priority for all manufacturers. We offer Corner Protectors for 90-Degree, 22.5-degree and 45-degree applications. We also offer a 135-degree application for your Lazy Susan Cabinets. Our Corner Protectors offer “Quick & Easy Installation on both Wall and Base Cabinets.” They will fit multiple side panel thicknesses. If you are looking for extra protection for the corners of your cabinets, Tenn-Tex has the solution.

Cover caps

Cover Caps

At Tenn-Tex, our most popular cover caps are used in cabinet backs that are predrilled for Drawer Slide Brackets. For cabinet backs with multiple drawer options, our cover caps fill the extra unused holes in the cabinet back. This will allow the manufacturer to have one cabinet back for all drawer slide applications. We offer the Cover Caps with 10mm and 8mm dowel options. Our 35mm Cover Caps can be used to cover pre-bored Hinge mounting applications. Our most popular colors are Beige and White.

False Front Connectors

False Front Connectors

False Front Clips were developed to attach finished fronts to cabinet openings with limited usage, such as Sink Base Cabinets. Tenn-Tex Plastics offers several distinctive styles to fit various openings. They are equally useful for access panels on boats, spas or any kind of decorative panel that must remain removable. We offer The Simple Solutions to your False Front Applications.

Glass Door Retainer Clip

Glass Retainers

Kitchen Designers of today are finding new ways to feature Glass Door Applications in upper cabinets which include Etched, Stained or Smoked Glass. Recently, Communication Centers with Cork Boards or Slate Panels have been added. Tenn-Tex Plastics has developed a Glass Door Retainer Clip Instruction Sheet that will help you easily select the correct Retainer Clip for your application. Our Glass Door Retainer Clips are also used for a Stop for Inset Cabinet Doors. For your next Glass Door Application, please call Tenn-Tex Plastics for The Simple Solution for your Glass Door Application.

Glue blocks

Glue Blocks

Glue and Staple Blocks are stapled inside the cabinet to hold the cabinet backs and cabinet sides in place during the assembly process. The Glue blocks eliminates Glue Set-Up Time. We produce a variety of styles in many sizes and colors. The Glue and Staple Blocks are also commonly used for fastening toe kick panels. Please contact us for The Simple Solutions for your Glue and Staple Block applications.

Miscellaneous screws and hardware


Tenn-Tex Plastics offers multiple products that require Specialty Hardware to complete their custom applications. Our Specialty Hardware items include Screws, Cover Caps, Washers, Metal Brackets, Inserts, Springs, and Bumper Pads. We have Center Partitions and Wood Moldings for our Patented QuikTRAY Rollout System.

Miscellaneous plastic parts


Most products manufactured by Tenn-Tex Plastics are related to the Kitchen Cabinet Industry. Our miscellaneous products include Drawer Divider Clips, and Pilaster Brackets for rollouts for the Manufactured Housing Industry. Also included are Paint Line Plugs for Finishing Cabinet Doors, Foam Sheet Clips for protecting finished cabinets and a special dowel for assembling Medicine Cabinets. If you have a specialty application, please contact us to see if we can develop The Simple Solution.

The QuikTRAY™ Rollout System


The QuikTRAY™ Rollout System from Tenn-Tex Plastics lets you add value to your entire product line. Equally useful with frame or frameless cabinets, QuikTRAY™ installs easily and adjust without tools.

With QuikTRAY™ there is no need to change your current specifications in order to maximize storage space in new or existing cabinets. The versatility and simplicity of the system works with any standard cabinet and most brands of drawer slides.

New cabinets, existing cabinets, sales displays, and pantry units can all benefit from the patented QuikTRAY™ Rollout System. It’s the Simple Solutions for maximizing storage space.

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Shelf supports

Shelf Supports

Whether your cabinet has 3/8” or ¾” side panels with ¼” or 5mm holes, we have the right shelf support for your application. Choose from standard or locking designs, various dowel lengths, colors, and materials. We also offer Shelf Supports for Special Mullion Door Applications. Only polymers that have been thoroughly tested for hot and cold environments are being used. Please contact Tenn-Tex Plastics for The Simple Solution for your Shelf Support needs.

Shipping Clip on a cabinet

Shipping Clips

Shipping Clips for Face-Frame Cabinets efficiently hold doors and drawers in a closed position and support the door during the shipping process. We offer designs for various door profiles and overlays. Please contact Tenn-Tex Plastics for The Simple Solutions for your Shipping Clip Applications.

Plastic spacers


Designers and consumers today are looking to utilize all the space available in their cabinets and are demanding more options like Roll-Out Trays for Pantries and Base Cabinets. Adding these options has created a larger demand for customized spacers. Tenn-Tex Plastics supplies a variety of spacers for Hinges, Side Mount and Undermount Drawer Slides. We offer you The Simple Solution for your Spacer Applications.

Toe Kick

Toe Kicks

Tenn-Tex Plastics has designed The Simple Solution for Toe Kick Applications. Toe Kick Brackets stabilize and strengthen the Toe Kick Area of the cabinet. Installing the brackets is a straightforward process. First, staple the Toe Kick Brackets to the bottom of the cabinet structure on the left and right side, then insert the Toe Kick Board and staple to the bracket. Tenn-Tex Plastics manufactures these brackets in 4- and 4.5-inch heights.


Custom bagging station

Custom Bagging

Whatever your needs may be, our automated poly-bagging equipment can handle a variety of combinations of plastic molded parts and/or hardware items such as screws, bolts or other fasteners. We can mix and match any of our products in many packaging combinations. Ask us for a quote today.

Prototyping example compared next to the software design

Rapid Prototyping

With the help of our Rapid prototyping machine using the latest Breakaway Support Technology, we can provide you with accurate and strong prototypes within days. Using a proven ABS material, such prototypes can be used to make prudent, final decisions by Engineering, Marketing and Sales.

Product testing


We cycle test all of our brackets to meet or exceed BHMA/KCMA standards, or to the slide manufacturers requirements. Our testing equipment can cycle test custom set-ups of any slide and/or bracket combination.

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Tenn-Tex Plastics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality injection-molded plastic parts. Focusing in product development and customer service, Tenn-Tex Plastics specializes in furniture, kitchen & bath cabinetry, and hardware distribution markets. Committed to designing and manufacturing superior products, Tenn-Tex Plastics offers competitive prices and provides a service of excellence.

Our products include specialty drawer slide brackets designed for easy installation, a patented QuikTRAY Rollout System, Shelf Clips, Shelf Supports, Institutional Shelf Supports, Corner Braces, Glue Blocks, False Front Clips, Glass Door Retainers, Slide Brackets for Undermount and Side Mount Slides, Brackets for Ball Bearing Slides, Cover Caps, Shipping Clips, Spacers, Inset brackets, Toe Kick Endcaps, Paint Caps, Furniture Glides and much more.

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