The QuikTRAY™ Rollout System from Tenn-Tex Plastics lets you add value to your entire product line. Equally useful with frame or frameless cabinets, QuikTRAY™ installs easily and adjust without tools.

With QuikTRAY™ there is no need to change your current specifications in order to maximize storage space in new or existing cabinets. The versatility and simplicity of the system works with any standard cabinet and most brands of drawer slides.

New cabinets, existing cabinets, sales displays, and pantry units can all benefit from the patented QuikTRAY™ Rollout System. It’s the Simple Solutions for maximizing storage space.


QuikTRAY Available in Grey Metallic and Black

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QuikTRAY for the Entire Home

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Wood QuikTRAY

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QuikTRAY Base Cabinet Pantry and Double Door Cabinet Installation

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QuikTRAY Frameless and Face Frame Installation Instructions

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Q: Can I buy hook dowels or machine screws separately?

A: Yes, your Distributor stocks all three types of hook dowels. T-506 for Ball Bearing Slides, T-507 Hook Dowels if you need an additional ¼” thickness to clear your door hinge and our most popular T-508 Hook Dowels for Undermount Slides.

Q: Can I cut the 20″ long QuikTRAY pilasters?

A: Yes, but please make sure that you have left and right sides with matching hole patterns.

Q: Can I use QuikTRAY in a sink base cabinet with plumbing in the back of the cabinet?

A: Yes, we recommend the T-531 short (4″) pilaster. Consider building your roll-out tray to full width but shorter in depth determined by the actual plumbing in the back of the cabinet.

Q: I am using ball bearing full extension slides and found the thread length of the hook dowel screw to be too short.

A: Your most likely using the small holes (4 mm diameter, one each at the front and back). These holes are NOT made for flat head screws. PLEASE USE THE LARGER HOLES IN THE TABS DESIGNED FOR EURO SCREWS AND/OR FLAT HEAD SCREWS.

Q: I am using QuikTRAY Hook Dowels. Which way should they point?

A: Hook Dowels must be attached to the slide of your choice with the hook pointing up.

Q: I drill my side panels on a CNC (point-to-point) machine. Can I pre-drill for QuikTRAY?

A: Yes, QuikTRAY provides 4 hole locations 160 mm on center. Fasten the Pilaster to the end panel with Euroscrews at least 11 mm long. The Euroscrews should have a round head.

Q: I need a total of 1 1/2″; of distance between slide and side panel. Your thickest QuikTRAY Pilaster is 1 1/4″;. What can I do?

A: Our T-507 hook dowel has a built-in spacer 1/4″ thick. This will give you a total of 1 1/2″ standoff. If more is needed, a wood spacer behind the Pilaster is the best solution. If more distance is needed, please use or T-503 2″ Pilaster.

Q: I noticed on your T-502 QuikTRAY pilaster you have a .325 (5/16") standoff, but the T-500 has only a .250 (1/4″) standoff. Why are these different?

A: 6 way CAM hinges recently introduced by the major concealed hinge manufacturers require more clearance and the T-502 accommodates these hinges.

Q: I want to install QuikTRAY in a base cabinet with a fixed half shelf. What do I do?

A: Use the short (4″) T-531 which will allow you to install a single roll-out on the bottom of the cabinet.

Q: I want to use a Blum Tandem Slide, do I need to use special hook dowels?

A: For best performance we recommend the use of the T-508 Undermount Hook Dowels.

Q: Is QuikTRAY available in longer lengths?

A: We offer 2 lengths, 4″ and 20″. In applications such as pantries, simply stack several pilasters on top of each other.

Q: What is the load rating of the QuikTRAY Pilaster system?

A: Tenn-Tex Plastics Inc. has tested the most popular slides on the market with a 75 lbs load at 100,000 cycles. We recommend a maximum of 3 roll-outs per 20″ long Pilaster, each with a maximum load of 75 lbs. In any case, please observe the slide manufacturers published maximum load ratings.

Q: What Pilaster thicknesses are available?

A: We offer a 1″, a 1 1/4″ and a 2″ thick version. Additionally, any pilaster thickness can be boosted by 1/4″ by using the T-507 shouldered hook dowel.

Q: What type of epoxy coated side mount slide (European slide) works best with QuikTRAY?

A: We recommend a double captive type slide for best performance only. A single captive epoxy slide will allow the drawer member to separate from the cabinet member and your drawer will fall in the cabinet.

Q: What type of slide can I use with QuikTRAY?

A: You can use any type of slide on the market. When using epoxy coated (European type) slides, please attach the front hook dowel at a maximum of 37 mm from the front of the slide. Use only Grass Double Captive Slides.


QuikTRAY For Your Entire Home

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