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Protecting the corners of you Kitchen Cabinets is a high priority for all manufacturers. We offer Corner Protectors for 90-Degree, 22.5-degree and 45-degree applications. We also offer a 135-degree application for your Lazy Susan Cabinets. Our Corner Protectors offer “Quick & Easy Installation on both Wall and Base Cabinets.” They will fit multiple side panel thicknesses. If you are looking for extra protection for the corners of your cabinets, Tenn-Tex has the solution.


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Q: I drilled my cathedral cabinet doors on the wrong side and would like to save the doors. Do you offer a cap to cover the hinge and dowel holes?

A: Use our T-782 cover cap, available in white, brown, beige and caramel, featured in the Cover Caps section on line. We also offer cover caps for 8 mm and 10 mm holes that are used in Cabinet Backs drilled for plug-in Drawer Slide Brackets.  Our T-780 Series has 8 mm dowels.  Our T-781 Series has 10 mm dowels. </p>


Tenn-Tex Corner Protectors

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