Tenn-Tex Bracket Solutions Video Transcript

0:00: Your BracketSOLUTIONS for face frame cabinetry

0:03: Handyman with a an electric drill standing by cabinets

0:05: Woman with safety glasses on grabbing a piece of plastic

0:08: Machine creating the prototype of the custom product

0:13: Your drill pattern

0;17: Person is looking at the different drill patterns to pick which is best for him

0:21: Your choice of slide

0:23: Person showing roller undermount, ball-bearing, sidemount, undermount slides

0:30: One bracket solution

0:39: Showing how all of the slides fit into the same style of bracket

0:42: Your Quick and Easy installation

0:45: Handyman installing the slide and bracket to the cabinet

1:08: Saves time

1:14: Lab tested

1:19: Testing the bracket in the lab under a stress test

1:27: Tenn-Tex logo