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Tenn-Tex Plastics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality injection-molded plastic parts. Focusing in product development and customer service, Tenn-Tex Plastics specializes in furniture, kitchen & bath cabinetry, and hardware distribution markets. Committed to designing and manufacturing superior products, Tenn-Tex Plastics offers competitive prices and provides a service of excellence.

Our products include specialty drawer slide brackets designed for easy installation, a patented QuikTRAY Rollout System, Shelf Clips, Shelf Supports, Institutional Shelf Supports, Corner Braces, Glue Blocks, False Front Clips, Glass Door Retainers, Slide Brackets for Undermount and Side Mount Slides, Brackets for Ball Bearing Slides, Cover Caps, Shipping Clips, Spacers, Inset brackets, Toe Kick Endcaps, Paint Caps, Furniture Glides and much more.


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