QuikTRAY Installation Instructions Video Transcript

0:01: QuikTRAY Rollout System Installation

0:13: Items needed: 4 pilasters, 2 sets of drawer slides with hook dowels, mounting screws, 2 roll out trays

0:22: Different slides use different hook dowels: Undermount and Ball Bearing

0:25: First attach the hook dowel loosely and then use pilaster to ensure it is at 90 degrees before tightening

0:34: Place a pilaster against the front frame and bottom and screw in place

0:46: Place a second pilaster and hold it in place

0:51: Mount a slide in the bottom holes for both pilasters

0:58: Mount another in the top holes, squaring up both pilasters

1:03: Fasten the second pilaster

1:07: Do the same for the other side

1:12: Once in place, repositioning the slides is easy

1:16: Just lift the edge to tilt the slide and disengage from the pilaster

1:22: At the desired location the slide is again tilted so that the hook dowels can be inserted into the proper holes and pushed in

1:28: Notice how the unique hook dowel design holds the drawer slide in place

1:34: The rollout trays are inserted into the cabinet to complete the installation

1:40: Tray repositioning requires no tools. After the rollout tray has been removed the slides may be easily moved to a new position

1:50: The QuikTRAY Rollout System includes a variety of supports and mounting hardware to fit any standard cabinet or pantry unit.