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Kitchen Buyers are now demanding more from their new kitchen investments. They are looking for smoother drawer systems, more storage space and a high-end furniture appeal with inset drawers and doors. Tenn-Tex Plastics has developed our Inset Bracket program that will allow you to meet your customers’ demands. This revolutionary bracket system provides drawer front adjustments for a perfect alignment, regardless of the drawer front thickness or profile. Our Inset Brackets will eliminate the need to put wood blocks behind the face-frame. At Tenn-Tex Plastics, we offer you Innovative Technology for Inset Cabinet Applications.


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Q: For Inset applications I have to block out the side panel to accommodate the undermount slide behind the face frame. Field Adjustments are nearly impossible. Is there an easier way?

A: We recommend our T-349-A, T-350-A / T-350-01-A or T-351-A series brackets which allow you to easily install the slide behind the face frame. Depth adjustment is quick with a turn of the screw driver. You will save a lot of time and frustration. Brackets are available in bulk or in convenient poly bags.

Q: My drawer slide is too long to fit onto the standard rear bracket that I also use for overlay designs. What can I do? I don’t want to install a shorter slide.

A: You can use the specially designed C-280 adjustable rear bracket. It is available in screw-on or doweled versions.

Q: The Inset brackets are molded from a plastic polymer. Are they strong enough to hold fully loaded drawers in place?

A: We use a glass reinforced polycarbonate polymer, known and tested for its superior strength. It will give you top performance for the life of the cabinet.

Q: What is the difference between the T-349 and T-350 inset bracket?

A: The T-349 is a reversible version without a lower lip, ideal for cabinets with flush bottoms. The T-350 has side and bottom positioning lips that align the bracket in the corner of vertical face frame and stretcher rail. Both are fastened with supplied self-tapping washer head screws for superior strength.

Q: I am building cabinets with inset doors. The doors over-closes and I need a door stop.

A: We suggest you use our T-230-01 Retainer Clip which you can screw to the top rail.


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